Why Sidd & Dishin dominated 2016-17 Auctions?

Mathematically, these guys dominated because of the three commandments of fantasy football:

  • The best eleven must start most games
  • Have a great striker: Dishin had Kane plus Sidd had Costa
  • Have a great midfield: Dishin had Sanzhes plus Sidd had Alli/Eriksen

On top of that both had the top scoring defenders in Cahill & Alonso.

Look at Bharat’s team for example: he had Hazard plus Aguero but most of his players did not start and he finished at the bottom.


Premier League Auctions: Token System

There will be total of 2 x No. of player auctions tokens being sold, i.e

  • 6 players: 12 Tokens
  • 7 players: 14 Tokens

The two tokens will be part of the 20 players bought at the auctions.

After the auctions are over, everyone will have bought two tokens. Now say after the auctions Chelsea FC bought Bonucci. In the WhatsApp chat, we will auction Bonucci with the token system. Say Bharat had token 1, he has first preference to get Bonucci. If he passes, The Huss who has the second token can have him if he wants and so on.

Once The Huss buys Bonucci with his token, The Huss only has one token left. When new players are bought, we keep doing this in the chat with a one hour time limit for each player to make a decision.

This will of course be explained again at the auctions.



Premier League 2017-18 Auctions

Date: July 20th 2017 (4 pm onward)


  1. All players must buy 20 players at the auctions. Failing to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the auctions.
  2. All players must buy minimum 2 GK, 6 DEF, 6 MID and 3 FOR. Rest of the three players can be any classification.
  3. All points will be based on the official fantasy premier league game.
  4. All players start with a budget of 5,000 units.

Opening Price

All players have an opening price of 50 units. Hence all bids begin from 50 units for all players.


The best eleven players from your squad of 20 will be your final team as long as they fulfill a legitimate formation, again based on the official fantasy premier league game.

What to Bring on Auction Day

Wi-Fi will be there for all at the venue with food, toilet facilities, projector, power outlets. Highly recommend for all to being their tablets or laptops. Paper and pen will be provided at the venue.



IPL 2017: Elimination Chamber

The elimination chamber is the bonus 2017 game for the IPL! Players will enter the chamber as a tag-team and from their two auction teams submit a team before the IPL begins:

  • Their best eleven (minimum 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers)
  • Their best IPL team
  • The tournament lasts from game 1-14 of the IPL or ends before the top four play the elimination rounds.
  • The prize will be the units collected from the round 1 of the closed bidding in the auctions to the winning tag-team.
  • 2 transfers can be used anytime for the games 1-14.
  • No unsold players can be used likewise no on loan players either.
  • Permanent transferred players can be used.

Players will be told on picking their tag-team partners at the auctions.



IPL 2017: Rulebook



MARCH 22 2017 – TIME: 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Minimum 11 Players, Maximum 17 Players

  1. Points will be taken from your highest 11 players with the condition being out of the 11, three will be batsmen and three bowlers.


  • All wicket-keepers are batsmen.
  • Three categories only – BATSMEN, BOWLERS, ALL-ROUNDERS.


  • Each player has three transfers during the auctions which must be used before the teams play 12 games.
  • Transfers end after all teams play 11 games. No transfers after this point.
  • No players will be given free players- you have three transfers so use them well.
  • Transfers are active from day 1 of the IPL.
  • You can transfer a player even if they are not injured. It is entirely up to the player to use the transfer as they see fit.
  • Transfers must be between players of same classifications: bowler-bowler / batsman-batsman / All Rounder-All Rounder.
  • If a player leaves the IPL and you have no transfers left, you will not get another transfer.
  • You may not transfer a team you bought at the auctions.
  • Transfers are between unsold players and your players ONLY.


  1. Each Player has 1 trade which can be done with another player before the IPL begins.
  2. You do not need any permission/approval to do a trade.
  3. You may trade an IPL team and this can count as your one trade.
  4. Trades can be between players of any classification.


  1. Each player has two loans per season. This only effects for 1 game.
  2. Loans must be between players of same classifications: bowler-bowler / batsman-batsman / All Rounder-All Rounder.
  3. All loans are active throughout the IPL till the finals.
  4. Loans are between unsold players and your players ONLY.


  1. The auction will be started with a closed envelope bid. Write now the number you wish to bid and close the envelope. Minimum is 100 units.
  2. On winning the closed bid auction you will choose an IPL team of your choice and your tag-team partner for The Elimination Chamber.
  3. The IPL team the player has bought at the auction will allow the player to buy four players from any franchise.
  4. Team win will grant you 30 points and a team winning the IPL will net 50 points.


  1. Once a player is unsold in the first round of the auction, he then will be re-auctioned in the second round of the auctions.
  2. Players can only buy a maximum two unsold players in the second round of the auctions.


This game was a strange one to call. Let me list them for you:

  1. Two All-Star Goalies – never happened before.
  2. Romy in defence. Happened once, but still its strange! It’s my website so go along with it…
  3. Cancellation galore – Rachit, Sachin, Bharat, Sidd, Vicky. Chirag out.
  4. The return of Nics – this is a good strange. Welcome back matey.
  5. Aman becomes a regular well kind of…

The teams were balanced well, you had Swap/Pi/Huss/Nics/Rahul versus AK/Aman/Rajesh/Romy/Mo and it was a crackerjack of a match. There was a dubious handball at 4-3 which changed the game heavily in favour of one team but a lack of referee can do this. It was a shame that the game was scarred due to this as it was an excellent game played in the right spirits.

Catch-up cards: Rahul was on his catch-up card but lost. Sachin and Vicky were no-shows and now have two catch-up cards.

Captain cards: Rajesh, Romy & Mo all successfully used their captain card for 6 points.

Leaderboard: Swappy & Rajesh are tied for 17 points and it is great seeing the two arts of football – attack & defence reigning supreme. Good stuff indeed!

Believe it or not: Mo, AK, Piyush, Chirag have only won one game this season!

Season 5 Game 5 Results

Ok, let us get the easy thing out of the way. It was 12-2 and at half-time it was 2-2 and then madness ensued and chaos reigned. So, we do what any intellectual would do: AN AUTOPSY

The Luck & Mo: Seriously, is there any more hurt that can be rained upon Mo than what has transpired against him in the last few weeks. In today’s teams he was miles the best player on the pitch: tracking back, breaking play, high stamina, high pressing, finding the open man but luck intervened and deserted him on the goals front. Two catch-up cards gone, hasn’t got a win yet – more over Lochness Monster, there is a bigger mystery in town.

The Swappy Conundrum: Let us approach this using historical data: In the past 4 seasons, Swappy has never finished out of the semi-finalists positions and 83% of the time captains who pick him win. Eighty *mutha fooking* time – that is a higher percentage than a man wearing black pants on his birthday. That is in other terms, a scary skewed statistic which highlights his greatness as well as the difficulty in designing something against him. 83 percent….sleep on that folks!

The Unsung Heroes: How good are Rajesh, Chirag and Bharat – like seriously. I demand a drug test. Seriously.

The Woman at All-Star: When men behave like they have never seen a beautiful woman, you pass it as someone going through puberty or sexually deprived. Grown ass middle-aged men falling and tripping over someone shut the front door already.

The back-pass wonder goal: Distraction by the opposite sex, Sir? No, no I am not looking ok here’s a pass back. Ooops. Romy scores an own goal. Enough Said.

All-Star, Ha! The Star is The Huss: One on one against an all star is not easy. But to match him pace for pace, shoulder to shoulder then get a shot away while leaving the keeper with no choice. PRICELESS. The Huss is a legend, deny it at your own peril.


In the end, just another week of football and like always, nothing happened. Nothing At All.


Season 5 Game 3 Results

A 6-1 scoreline was just that. A mauling at the hands of a superior team where each individual surpassed expectations while the other team dawdled and twiddled their thumbs.  Let me offer some more clarity:

Swappy: A man of the match performance for me where I see someone releasing his shortcomings and finding a new home in a new position. He excelled in all parts of the pitch and really I am a believer. #SwapArmy4Lif3. Still hasn’t scored for four weeks but who’ counting….not me!

Sidd: I have kept over a year now along with Bharat and both of us have never ever come close to a clean sheet. He marshalled his defence superbly and with intricate saves made clean sheets an easy thing. What a player – scores goals for fun and can add a clean sheet feather in his cap too. Superb performance! Yellow card was removed as the referee was having fun.

Rachit: No one hits a football as hard as this guy. No one. Brilliant play in midfield by him and unlocked the opposition defence to ensure the second half would be a breeze. Waited for Rajesh to recover when the others were busy pretending to score on target. A touch of class from a class player.

Chirag: Is there a better defender in the game at the moment? Is there someone who blocks more shots? No, there isn’t and this man should take a bow. Unbelievable defending.

Sachin & Bharat: Quiet, under-appreciated and they get the job done. Make no mistake these two are uncomplicated and do not waste time with glory hunting. So underrated that it is borderline criminal. More of the same please!

The Huss: You want this guy on your team. Annoying, awkward and cumbersome to play against but one cannot deny his positives when he is on your team. Yes, he got three yellow cards and he is going to get someone bad at some point but this is just a matter of time before this will be phased out of his game and out will blossom a very special player. The sooner it happens, the better for the rest of us.

I have seen a lot of games for more than a year but I have never seen such a complete performance from a team. It was an absolute treat to watch them play, pity I was in the other team. Oh well, there’s always next week!



Welcome to the 2017 IPL Auctions! The new set of rules are:


  • Minimum of 11 players have to be bought.
  • Maximum of 17 players.
  • Minimum 3 batsmen & 3 bowlers.
  • All wicker-keepers are considered as batsmen.
  • Points will be taken from your best eleven with the condition being of course the points from your respective highest 3 batsmen & 3 bowlers.
  • Three players allowed from one franchise.
  • Four players allowed from the franchise you have bought.
  • Once a player has received no bids in an auction he goes directly to the second round of auctions.
  • Point system from the official IPLT20 game.
  • Each franchise team win nets you 20 points.


  • One trade per player before the IPL.
  • No restrictions at all. Transfer bowler to batsmen or bowler to all rounder, etc.
  • No approvals needed.
  • Once you have set your trade with another player just mention it before the IPL starts on April 5th in the Whats App chat.
  • Only condition being the 3 players per franchise rule or 4 players if you are the owner of that respective franchise.


  • 3 transfers per player to be used anytime before all teams play 12 games.
  • Transfers will be between the players you have bought and the players that remained unsold.
  • No additional transfers will be given if your player in injured, recalled for international duty, etc.
  • Transfers will be given on the basis of who listed a player’s name in chat first.
  • Only condition being the 3 players per franchise rule or 4 players if you are the owner of that respective franchise.
  • New players entering the IPL will be entered into the unsold players list every Friday only at Noon. If a player is added on Monday, he will only enter the game on Noon the coming Friday.
  • Transfers will cost units, i.e. units left in auctions plus player sold will refund you a value to buy unsold players. Unsold players will have values going up and down depending on performances.


  • 5 loans per player to be used before all teams play the knock-outs, i.e. all 14 games.
  • Loans only count for 1 game.
  • A player can be loaned out for batsmen-batsmen / bowler-bowler / all rounder – all rounder. The logic is that since 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers are minimum this statistic should not be skewed by interchanging disciplines.
  • Players must mention their loans in the Whats App chat.
  • Player being loaned out will have his game counted. Examples:
  1. Raina out Pandya In. Raina has played three games and Pandya four games. Raina gets Pandya’s game 5 points for his game 3. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.
  2. Raina out Pandya In. Raina has played three games and Pandya two games. Then Pandya’s points from game 3 will count for Raina’s game 4 points. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.
  3. Raina out Pandya in. Both have played three games. Pandya’s points from game 3 will be Raina’s points for game 3. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.


  • Auction is set at 3,000 units.
  • Elimination Chamber is set at 500 units.
  • Ranches contribution is 200 units.
  • Minimum bid for franchises is 100 units. Closed bidding.
  • In case of tie, a randomizer will be used.


Invites have been sent out and you can find the link them below:

IPL 2017 Spreadsheets

Good luck! A Whats App chat will be started soon to make communication easier. Rules can be amended but in a nut-shell this will be the set of rules for now.


TEAM 1: Swap-Rachit-Bharat-Sidd-Chirag-Huss-Sachin

TEAM 2: AK-Rahul-Mo-Piyush-Rajesh-Vicky-Romy

The teams are in and boy oh boy, we got a controversial set-up this week. Bharat & Sidd together, Chirag & Huss versus Rajesh & Vicky defending on opposite teams and with the best player in my opinion returning, i.e. AK and Swap not having scored for three weeks and due this has all the ingredients for a Vegetarian Chicken , whatever that is!

Chirag, Huss, Mo, AK and Sachin are on double points so there is a lot to play for and with all of them being veterans, experience is gonna be huge here! My money is on the Mo as he absolutely had Swap in his pocket last game! Go Grasshoppers!!

Players to look out for:

  • AK – The best player returns and he will be hungry after his last season’s miss in the semi finals. Memories of traffic anyone?
  • Swappy – Seriously, the little genius will score this week. Surely. Right?
  • Mo – The midfield maestro is back and will look to add to his goal tally for the season. His nemesis Sidd is on the other side. Evil evil Piyush, muhahahaha!
  • Sidd: The man of the moment and with his double edged belief in himself this guy is the one to watch. Scores for fun, blocks like the wall and will be the differential. Quiet game from him could be the key to victory for the other side.
  • Vicky: Can he be Man of the Match a third time. Hell f00kin Yes!

Captain cards are also available for this game but not to those on the catch-up games.